Welcome to the 2015 Los Angeles Belgian Beer Challenge (LABBC)!  This is our inaugural competition which we hope to build into an exciting annual event for our club and the Los Angeles homebrewing community.  The concept for this competition is simple – we wanted to add an annual competition for our club that was smaller than your average competition.  That’s why we made this competition specific to Belgian styled beers only.  Our goal is to crown our Best of Show beer as the best Belgian styled beer homebrewed in Los Angeles for 2015.  With our competition being a Belgian only styled competition we want to organize the entries and judging process a bit differently.  Here is a list of some of the differences in this competition from typical homebrew competitions:

We are going to follow the new “proposed” BJCP style guidelines.  From what we can tell the proposed guidelines are not 100% ratified yet.  We know the plan was for the BJCP to make the guidelines they proposed in 2014 active at the beginning of 2015, but as of today they have not published the style guidelines.  We have copied the guidelines from the proposed document and are utilizing them for this competition.  Please see the STYLES link on the top navigation bar to access the guidelines being utilized for this competition.

There is one style that we have added for our competition that is not in the proposed new BJCP style guidelines which is a Belgian Specialty category.  This is a style category that can be used for wood aged, smoked, fruit, spice herb vegetable beers that do not fall within the other style guidelines.  Entries into this category will be required to describe the underlying style along with the modifications that would define their entry as a Belgian Specialty.  Judges who are assigned this category will be instructed to mark down entries that should have been submitted into a different category.

Awards will be given out by subcategory.  The main difference for the LABBC we are going to judge subcategories on their own – what this means is that each subcategory will be awarded a first, second and third place award (at the discretion of our participating judges).  For example, if we have ten Belgian Pale Ales, 10 Witbiers and 4 Biere De Gardes we will award (potentially) a first, second and third place award for each style (9 total awards).

This competition is a ProAm competition.  The Best Of Show winner will have their beer brewed by Monkish Brewing in Torrance.

Our goal is to keep this competition small and specialized.  As such we are limiting the entries to 150 total entries.  This could mean that we have 75 Saisons and 1 Flanders Red – we are ok with that.  Based off of the entries we received for the 2014 Pacific Brewers Cup we had less than 150 total Belgian beers entered so we expect this number will not be reached in its first year.

If you have any questions about this competition that has not been explained in this post or via our Rules page please send an email to labbc@pacificgravity.com and someone will respond to you promptly.  Thanks for entering/participating in our new competition!


Brian Holter