Welcome to the Los Angeles Belgian Brew Challenge

Presented by Pacific Gravity Home Brewers Club

The concept for this competition is simple: A small & specialized BJCP sanctioned event that’s focused on the beer styles of Belgium – Right here in southern California!
Our goal is to crown the Best of Show beer brewer as the best Belgian-style beer maker in Los Angeles each year. 
We organize the entries and judging process a bit differently and there are some other items to know before getting involved…

  • Styles

    We follow the current BJCP guidelines plus the addition of a category called Belgian Specialty that we use for wood aged, smoked, fruit, spice herb vegetable beers that do not fall within the other style guidelines. Entries into this category will be required to describe the underlying style along with the modifications that would define their entry as a such.

  • Awards & Pro-Am

    We judge subcategories on their own so this means each subcategory will be awarded a first, second, and third place award (at the discretion of our participating judges).
    We’re also proud (and very lucky) to have included a Pro-Am every year. The Best Of Show award winner will have their recipe brewed and served by our primary sponsor and competition host Los Angeles Ale Works in the months following the event.

  • Volunteers

    While Pacific Gravity Home Brewers Club is the organizer of this competition, we absolutely thrive on the support of volunteers from all walks of life. If you’d like to get involved, whether it be planning, judging, or stewarding, just drop us a line at labbc@pacificgravity.com we’ll take all the help you can give!

If you have any questions, email our LABBC planning crew at labbc@pacificgravity.com

Thanks for reading,

Pacific Gravity Brewers Club